Every now and than we play #-questions with a promising cool kid! This week we have a word with Jiawa from the super cool blog BEIGENRENEGADE.

beigerenegade 4

Why did you start blogging?
Back when blogging was practically unheard of, I was so inspired by trail blazers like Rumi Neely and Gary Pepper Girl. After reading their blogs for years I eventually build up the courage to try it out myself. Of course, I never really thought that it would go anywhere, let alone enable me to do all the exciting work within the fashion industry that I’m doing now.

How did you come up with the name Beige Renegade?
I can’t take any of the credit for coming up with ‘Beige Renegade’, as it was completely my assistant’s idea. We were throwing around different names for my rebrand last year, and the word ‘Beige’ came up because of it’s colloquial usage to mean ‘plain’ or ‘boring’. So ‘Beige Renegade’ is intended as a tongue-in-cheek reference to my minimalist style and lifestyle aesthetic, as well as my staunch preference for a neutral colour palette.

beige renegade 1

Do you have a job next to your blog?
I’m actually a lawyer full time, but blogging is really a second full time job for me!

How would you describe your style?
I often describe my style as ‘relaxed minimalism’, because it’s as much about the comfort and liveability factors, as it is about the aesthetic appeal of dressing minimally. My emphasis is on making style choices that not only look effortless chic, but which also help you to achieve a happy and carefree lifestyle.

Which item do you consider being a summer 2015 musthave?
I’m mad about strappy shoes for summer 2015. It’s all about the lace-up ballerina flat and the reinvented gladiator sandal.

beige renegade 2

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Margaret Zhang is definitely one of my biggest inspirations. She consistently demonstrates that she’s authentically talented and achieves her success through ruthlessly hard work. In an industry where bloggers are still being dismissed as wannabe socialites, Margaret is such a role model for having a strong sense of resilience and self-belief.

What’s your most memorable project?
My photoshoot for Myer is probably the most memorable so far this year. We wanted to shoot each look in iconic Perth locations, so the editorial took us on a huge adventure all over the city. In the process I discovered so many amazing places that I never knew existed.

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What are your future dreams for your blog?
Beige Renegade is growing faster all the time, and along with that, the opportunities to do creative work with amazing partners and clients. I’m finding myself increasingly time poor to achieve everything I want to for my blog in my free time. In the future I could see myself taking that scary step from side business to main thing. Achieving this sustainably is definitely one of my future dreams for my blog.