We Play 7 Questions with Stunner Jacqueline from MIKUTA.

Every week we play #-questions with a promising cool kid! This week we have a word with Jacqueline from the super cool blog MIKUTA

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Meet Jacqueline Mikuta
Jacqueline Mikuta is a swedish girl who has traveled around and studied in different cities in Europe such as Stockholm, London and Barcelona. Now she is located in Berlin since 2013. She has an education in Photography, Advertising and Art-Direction, has worked as a stylist and make up artist but is now focusing on her biggest passion, fashion photography… and the MIKUTA blog, of course!

She has always been addicted to fashion and developed her very own sense for style ever since. As a collector of sunglasses and hats, she had the urge to share her love and tips, so in 2014 it was finally time to launch her own personal-/style-/fashion-blog MIKUTA.NU.

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How did you like growing up in Spain?
Growing up in Spain was a great opportunity. I was 9 when I moved to Mallorca with my family and I am so grateful for that. I got to know another culture, more languages, a whole different lifestyle. I love Spain and feel more connected to the Spanish people than the Swedish.

Why Berlin?
Because it is an amazing city! I went to visit Berlin in the summer of 2012 and completely fell in love with the free lifestyle, the art and the happy people. I came back to Barcelona, where I lived at that time, and was completely convinced that I wanted to move. So some months later I left everything in Barcelona and moved to Berlin to explore!

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What does a day in the life of Jaqueline Mikuta look like?
I have a blog and I am also a fashion photographer. So if I don’t shoot I work on the blog. My boyfriend is also my partner and photographer in the blogging business so we wake up early, drink lots of coffee, answer mails, make a post, go out and shoot, come back home, plan and prepare for the next days shoot or whatever events are ahead. It is very time consuming but I love it! Whenever that is done I like to meet my friends and relax. I also travel a lot and spend a lot of time in Mallorca where my family lives, it is great to get away from the big city from time to time. 

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as quite eclectic and a little grunge, mostly with a hat. I like colours and playful materials. I always try to put something unexpected and fun into my looks. It is hard to describe my style because I am still exploring and it is always changing. Some times it happens that we shoot a look and the next day I scratch it completely because my style changed over night 😉

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Who is your biggest inspiration?
Well, my biggest inspiration is my mum! She has travelled a lot, she is a nonstop worker, an adventurer, a successful stylist and has amazing taste, I always ask for her advice 😉 For photography my biggest inspirations are Jimmy Backius and Camilla Åkrans, I love their work!

What’s your most memorable project?
I’ve done a lot of collaborations which have been a lot of fun, but next week I am actually going to London for my biggest project so far which I am very excited about! Unfortunately I can’t tell yet, but you may be curious 😉

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What are your future career-dreams?
My future career dream is to become more successful with my fashion photography, my big dream since I was a kid is to shoot an H&M campaign, haha! For the blogging my dream is to blog from all over the world and in the future take the business further and start a sunglasses brand. I am addicted to sunglasses! I’m just going to continue working hard with big dreams, and see where it takes me!


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