Whut: This Beer makes you beautiful.

Yes we had to overthink that one too! This just seems absurd, even if we think about the beauty and health benefits of red wine. Beer just doesn’t seem like a product that can beautify, we mean hello beer belly! Well the Japanese think otherwise, their newest female-oriented beer should have a positive influence on your looks.

Photo: Metro UK

Photo: Metro UK

Japanese Brewery Suntory released a collagen-infused beer this month that promises to make the drinker more beautiful. The beer is called Precious and is only available in Hokkaido, Japan. The brew is infused with 2 grams of collagen, which is a protein that is found in the skin and nails.

Experts are sceptic they say Collagen is going to be broken down into amino acids by the enzymes in the stomach, then will be absorbed into the body to be used where the body needs it. They say that it’s the most abused suggestion that you can push collagen through your bloodstream and have it pump out collagen in your skin.

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