We play 6 Questions with promising lingerie designer Christie Nicole.

Every week we play #-questions with a promising cool kid! Today we have a word with Lingerie Designer Christie Nicole from Christienicole.com
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Meet Christie Nicole 
Christie Trowbridge has been creating handmade bralettes from her home studio in Sydney, Australia since 2013. Under the name Christie Nicole she sells her beautifully designed underwear. Recently she has taken it one step further and is now creating clothing as well.
Why underwear? 
Well, I didn’t really sit down and think right I’m going to do lingerie.
I finished college and moved to New Zealand to do an internship with Karen Walker and when I came back I tried so hard to get a job, and had no money sleeping on my grandma’s couch. I got knocked back from so many jobs or didn’t have enough experience. So I just thought stuff this, and then I think I was on tumblr or something and came across this an image of a bralette and then I thought why not make some of these and sell them to friends etc on Facebook and instagram….. and from then on it just escalated from there. I’m happy I started off with something like this as I’m learning so much along the way, its almost like getting me ready for my first ready-to-wear collection in the future, I kind of look at it like that.
Its also a pleasure to create pretty little things that girls lust over.
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You recently started creating clothes as well, is this something you want to do more often in the future?
Definitely, at the moment though I’m taking one step at a time & going to push myself a little bit further each step along the way. I eventually want to do couture, dreaming big!What’s your bestseller?
Best seller would be the ‘Chloe’ Bralette from my last collection, and the most popular that people are going crazy over is the ‘Blaire’ chain bra. I have also just released my new collection ‘Lost in a dream’ so looking forward to seeing what the best seller is from that!
The Chloe Bralette

The Chloe Bralette

Do you have a muse / someone that really inspires you? 
I would have to say & say every time, Riccardo Tisci – Givenchy
Coolest experience so far?
It would have to be when I first started my label and Christie Nicole got stocked in a shop called Pale Violet in LA, and I was in the car one my way to buy fabric for my next collection and I received an email from the girls from the boutique informing me that Lana Del Ray had just been in & bought x2 of my bralettes. That feeling was unbelievable, I almost cried! It made me believe more in myself and push myself even harder.
What are your future dreams for the brand?
Paris fashion week, couture.

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