5 Exercises To Get Rid Of The Double Chin.

A double chin, nobody wants one but unfortunately they come in all shapes and sizes and even the slightest bit of haning-under-jar-skin can make us feel insecure. The most common procedure to get rid of it is by having a chin liposuction. Off course we don’t want to go this far, cause there are a lot of good double chin exercises that actually work (we’ve tried them and see a difference!). 

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Double Chin
Let’s talk a little bit of double chin first. An inactive lifestyle and weight gain are the main factors that contribute to the formation of the double chin. Off course it has something to do with getting older as well, but it has a lot do with muscles not being used. Muscles that are not used frequently lose their tone, including the platysma muscle that runs down form your jaw to your neck.

If you do a daily double chin exercise, it will help build up the platysma muscle and others muscles in this area. When doing these exercise a while, you will def see a difference.

1 | Tongue
Open your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as you can. Hold it for 10 seconds and repeat this 10 times. Doing this exercise you feel your neck and chin muscles tightening.

2 | Head Lifts 
Go lie on you back on your bed of couch with your head hanging over the edge. Lift your chin towards the chest and keep it there for 10 seconds. Bring it back to the starting position and repeat, do this 10 times.

3 | Chin Lifts
Go stand straight with your neck and back and raise your chin towards the ceiling and pout your lips into a kissing position and hold it for 10 seconds. Again, repeat 10 times. 

4 | Neck Rolls
Roll your head from one side to the other, repeat 10 times.

5 | Tennis Ball
For this exercise we actually need some equipment: place a tensional against your throat and hold it there with your chin. Press your chin against the ball tightly, then slightly release. Repeat 10 times.



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